Your Shopping Bag

The clock just striked prosecco hour but since we are in the French Riviera so let’s say Cremant hour then to keep the story straight.

As I entered the mansion I took a deep breathe and then I entered the marble steps, taking one step at a time to just take it all in.  

Riviera Luxe; here I am.

Puff Dress, Pink Jacquard

Mini Ruffle Dress, Off White Plissé

Pleated Pants, Fuchsia

Wrap Top, Fuchsia

Smock Ruffle Blouse, White

Mini Ruffle Dress, Neon Pink

Velvet Blazer, Green

Puff Dress, Pink Jacquard

Mini Ruffle Dress, Neon Pink

Via Del Té Tea

Receive a sachet of loose leaf artisanal tea from the famous Italian tea company!

Mokaflor Coffee

Receive a sachet of authentic Italian coffee with notes of cocoa! Note: This is a ground coffee powder, you can prepare it with a French Press, Moka, or Pour Over!