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There is nothing we love more than to see you do your thing in AV clothes! We want to ask you if you would like to contribute with content to our Instagram and our website?

Let us know why you like AVAVAV, show us your best outfits, what you like about the fit or fabric of a garment or just do a creative dance or how great our clothes fit for when you are decorating your home or something. You get it, we want you to get creative!


1. present who you are in max 8 sec

2. Record when you unbox your gift in max 15 sec

3. Wearing the garment, tell us what you like about it in max 8 sec

4. Tell us a life hack, a party trick or a secret in max 8 sec

5. Feel free to make something funny that makes us laugh. Be inspired by TikTok or Snapchat filters. See our inpspiration below.

  • Make sure you have steamed the clothes before you create the video.
  • Have a look at our general look at Instagram and try to make content accordingly.
  • Please don't use hateful, explicit or excluding material. AV is not a discriminating brand.
  • Words you could use are: sustainable, responsible, left over fabrics, limited edition, small quantity collection with weekly drops, contemporary fashion brand.


portrait, 1080*1920 pxl

Via Del Té Tea

Receive a sachet of loose leaf artisanal tea from the famous Italian tea company!

Mokaflor Coffee

Receive a sachet of authentic Italian coffee with notes of cocoa! Note: This is a ground coffee powder, you can prepare it with a French Press, Moka, or Pour Over!

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